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Hearts and Hands of David Artwork

You may have heard about our worship conference Hearts and Hands of David. We're really looking forward to gathering with so many talented musicians, artists, and worship coordinators in order to exchange ideas on how to tastefully use our talents in the service of God.


The elements for the poster art was created by our friend Jason Jaspersen. Jason has this to say about his piece:

As the artist it always surprises me how little I know about the final product until it gets done.  Looking back so much seems obvious, but its tricky to figure out as its happening.  Many decisions couldn't be predicted.  Some decisions arise from the materials on hand (cardboard, baling twine, sign letters, spray paint and various screens).  Sometimes marks or arrangements suggest another step.  The white strings that work with the heart and the hand were not part of the original plan, but the potential for meaning became evident as work progressed.

Be sure to check out his blog to take a look at his process and the finished work, and if you're comig to the conference, don't miss his workshop (or you can check out a preview of it here.)

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