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Koiné Music Ministries is a non-profit 501(c)(3)
All financial gifts are tax-deductible.


What does Koiné mean?

Koiné is a Greek word that means “common.” Koiné, the band, plays common instruments and common hymns that many know and enjoy. The only extraordinary thing about Koiné is the message that they proclaim--Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world.


What does Koiné do?

Throughout the year Koiné makes hundreds of appearances at churches, schools, community festivals, and events across North America. Koiné’s mission is to share God’s saving message through music.

Through their travels, Koiné encourages all people, especially children and young adults, to recognize that God has uniquely gifted each one of us to serve him, and to develop those gifts to serve him as best we can.

In addition to playing concerts and services, Koiné serves the church by making their music available on recordings, sheet music, videos, and non-vocal CDs, which are often used by grade school and Sunday school teachers to teach hymns to children.


Why should I support Koiné?

The members of Koiné, as well as their families, dedicate their time, talents, and treasures to serving the Lord through this ministry. Your financial gifts:

  • Allow Koiné to continue creating, recording, and performing music for God’s people.
  • Help Koiné maintain reliable transportation, allowing them to get to their destinations on time, and safely return home to their families.
  • Help Koiné push into the future to create multi-media video and employ in-house artists who can create digital church art that may be used in the church for years to come.

Koiné Music Ministries is a non-profit ministry whose main source of support
is the generosity of local churches and WELS members like you.
All financial gifts are tax-deductible.


How can I support Koiné?

    1. PRAY for the ministry.
    2. SHARE with others who may be encouraged by the music, or who may be interested in supporting their ministry.
    3. GIVE a gift to the ministry:


    • Send a check to Koine Music Ministries P.O. Box 289, Jackson, WI 53037.
    • Donate with a credit card through our website:
    • Attend a Koiné event and present your donation in person.
    • Thrivent members may choose to dedicate Thrivent Choice Dollars to Koiné Music Ministry.
    • Support us as you shop on Amazon. Goto choose Koine Music Ministries Inc as your charity, and shop as you normally would. A portion of your purchases goes to support our ministry.

Give Monthly

Support Koiné Music Ministries by giving monthly. Your support helps us to record more music, produce more sheet music, and other materials for the church.

Give Once

Support Koiné Music Ministries through a one-time donation. Your support helps us to record more music, produce more sheet music, and other materials for the church.

Give by Mail

Make checks payable to Koiné Music Ministries and send them to the address below.

Koine Music Ministries
P.O. Box 289
Jackson, WI

Thrivent Choice

Give to Koiné Music Ministries through your Thrivent Choice®. You can recommend where some of Thrivent Financial's charitable outreach funds go. Since 2010, eligible members have used this program to direct more than $225 million to churches and nonprofits nationwide.


Amazon Smile

Do you shop on Amazon? Every time you make a purchase, you could be donating to Koiné through the Amazon Smile Program. Click in the image below and make Koiné Music Ministries your charity of choice.

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