Seth Kock



Seth considers it a privilege to be able to travel the country to serve our Church and its congregations by playing music. It’s made an even greater privilege that the music is the music of the church played through the lens of his many influences. These influences include the historical music of our Church as well as the great artists of the modern age. 

His musical philosophy incorporates the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of the art form to push the musical piece to it’s fullest potential. His main interests are developing and honing new skills and helping others do the same. When not performing he is an active participant in the running community and consumes sports, music, and books of all kinds. 
Seth is a 2005 graduate of Martin Luther College and previously served as a teacher and athletic director at St Paul’s Lutheran School in East Troy, WI. He lives with his wife Jess and daughter Aubrie in Milwaukee, WI.

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